The training we offer is specifically tailored to employees and job descriptions within the fields of aluminum, steel and copper base metals. It provides an excellent range of skills needed to address the daily challenges employees face in their jobs.

All our trainers have comprehensive know-how, and our training facilities are specifically equipped to simulate a focused and realistic work experience.


Engineers, technicians and operators in the production, processes, process planning, materials, systems, maintenance and QM/QS fields.


A key factor in minimizing both process cycle time and production costs, as well as decrease equipment costs (e.g. by refining maintenance intervals), is the understanding of how to define the thermomechanical process window for an industrially-utilized material system and the effect it has on material properties during processing.


Participants will develop a detailed understanding of the complex interaction between equipment and machinery, the process parameters that are utilized and their influence on the production process – as well as on the final component properties for various material systems.

Participants receive training in specific technical skills, as well as in the methods for defining the particular process windows needed to meet requirements for combinations of different shapes, geometries, materials and thicknesses.

The optimization of processes through adjustment of thermal and/or mechanical parameters, as well as furnace atmospheres, will be explained in detail. This ensures a transfer of know-how that gives the participants the ability to immediately react to unexpected problems during serial production and to optimize process efficiency in every stage.


Training consists of concentrated and specific knowledge transfer, which takes the form of seminar lectures and discussions. It may also incorporate joint field visits in relevant fields (production, materials laboratory, receiving, finished goods, etc.).